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To be transparent, we are experts in the private client insurance market. We partner with specialist commercial brokers to manage and deliver commercial insurance solutions for businesses and/or directors and executives. This does not mean additional costs. We work on behalf of our client, acting in their best interests to establish the best options available. We analyse cover and limits, costs and benefits, just as we do for our private clients.

We arrange a broad range of standard and specialist commercial insurance solutions for small businesses to multinational organisations. A list of typical products (not exhaustive) is below.

Cover can be offered separately or as a package, you choose.

  • Business insurance

    Business, or commercial, insurance should cover your legal costs following a successful compensation claim against your business. Covers can vary under a policy package but the three main areas are:

    • Public liability – protects your company if a member of the public has their property damaged or is injured because of your business.
    • Professional liability – covers your business if a client claims for a financial loss resulting from work you conducted for them.
    • Employers’ liability – defends your business from work-related sickness and/or injury claims made by current or former staff members.
  • Cyber insurance

    Cyber insurance is an increasingly vital policy in our digital age. It covers the losses relating to the damage to, or loss of information from, IT systems and networks. Covers and limits vary significantly and the policy should be tailored to your needs. The vast majority of financial losses are first party and include theft of funds, theft of data and or damage to digital assets.

    A policy usually covers:

    • A direct (or first party) financial loss to you or your business arising from a cyber event. A cyber event is an actual or suspected unauthorised IT system access, electronic attack, or privacy breach.
    • The liability actions that might be brought against you, arising out of a cyber event (third party loss), such as investigation and defence costs, civil damages, compensation payments to affected parties.
    • It also generally includes significant assistance with, and management of, cyber incidents both before and after an incident has occurred – typically pre-incident support, security & privacy breach costs and post-incident support.
  • D&O

    Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance (D&O) covers the cost of compensation claims made against a business’s directors and key managers (officers) for alleged wrongful acts. Such acts can include:

    • breach of trust
    • breach of duty
    • neglect
    • error
    • misleading statements
    • wrongful trading

    If your company has directors or key managers, D&O insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims made against them by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties. D&O insurance policies can vary greatly and you need specialist advice to build the covers and limits appropriate to your business.

  • Employer’s liability

    This defends your business from work-related sickness and/or injury claims made by current or former staff members. Cover is usually provided within a Business Insurance policy.

  • Hotels, pubs and bars

    Obviously no two establishments are the same, so cover should be tailored accordingly. In general, covers include:

    • Public liability – to compensate for damage, loss or injury to third parties at the property. £2million is often offered as a standard limit, but this will be inadequate if local authorities require higher limits or functions are open to non-guests.
    • Employers’ liability – you are legally obliged to have this insurance in place when you employ staff. It should cover them for injury whilst working at your premises.
    • Buildings insurance – protects your most valuable asset by covering the cost of repairing damage or a complete rebuild after a covered loss.
    • Business interruption – should an incident occur which stops your business from trading, this insurance should cover outgoings such as wages, rent and over-heads.
  • Life science insurance

    The life science sector continues to grow and we can help companies involved in areas such as biotechnology, medical devices & equipment, pharmaceuticals, product development, nutraceuticals and veterinary products. Cover is usually modular with limits to suit which phase of development the organisation is at. A flexible policy may include:

    • Property damage
    • Intellectual property
    • Business interruption
    • Clinical trials
    • Product liability
    • R&D property
    • R&D expenditure
    • Employers’ liability
    • Public liability
  • Professional indemnity insurance

    The FCA requires certain firms to have professional liability insurance (PII) in place, as it provides the extra financial resources to pay justified claims from. PII covers firms when a third party claims to have suffered a loss, usually due to professional negligence. Whether required or not, a PII policy gives extra peace of mind to the business owner/professional executive.

  • Property owners/ landlord insurance

    Whilst not a legal requirement, some mortgage companies require landlord insurance if you plan to invest in a buy-to-let-property. It helps protect property owners from financial losses associated with renting out the property, e.g. loss of rent and legal expenses. It should provide cover for theft, fire and weather damage and any contents owned by the landlord within the property.

  • Public liability insurance

    Whether you’re a sole trader or run a large organisation, public liability insurance protects the business if it is taken to court by a client or member of the public. It will cover the costs of your legal defence plus any compensation or settlement money you may have to pay out. It should also be able to cover your costs if someone is injured as a result of your business activities.

  • Restaurant and nightclub insurance

    As a restaurant or nightclub owner it’s important to protect your business, customers and staff should an incident occur. If a member of the public is injured in your restaurant or club or a member of staff is injured/falls ill, then you could be held liable.

    Restaurant and Nightclub insurance policies are essentially a form of business insurance designed specifically for each business. Specialist insurers enable businesses to combine the covers required in one package with one premium, making it easier to manage. Depending on the organisation and needs, covers may include:

    • Accidental damage
    • Buildings
    • Business interruption
    • Contents and stock
    • Door staff/security personnel
    • Employers’ liability
    • Glass and signage
    • Legal cover
    • Loss of licence
    • Personal accident
    • Product liability
    • Public Liability
  • Terrorism insurance

    Terrorism insurance is insurance purchased by property owners to cover their potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities. Losses, costs, damages and expenses from terrorism are usually excluded from standard business insurance policies. Terrorism cover is therefore added as an extension or bought as a stand-alone policy.

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